COOP (Chicken Owners Outside Philadelphia)
COOP (Chicken Owners Outside Philadelphia)

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Nanshe with Connie, Pan, and Rebus Jr.

In an effort to get Nanshe to stop being broody, friends (who have a rooster) provided us four fertile eggs from their coop. Nanshe dutifully sat on these eggs day after day, just as she sat on the wooden egg for weeks! One egg never developed. Three chicks hatched on July 26, 2009. Father: Rebus, mothers: two Ameracauna, one brown egg layer. The proud surrogate mother tends to the trio of adorable new arrivals.

The new chicks are: Conundrum (Connie), Rebus Jr., and Pangram (Pan).

Eggs after hatch, found under Nanshe in just this way (stacked).
pic3Nanshe and Connie
pic4Connie (top) and Pan (bottom)
pic5Rebus, Jr. already wandering around
pic6Three little heads peeking out!
pic7Closeup of the above picture.

Nanshe and the Chicks

Teaching the Chicks How to Roost in a Tree

Read the sad story of the death of Conundrum (Connie)