COOP (Chicken Owners Outside Philadelphia)
COOP (Chicken Owners Outside Philadelphia)

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COOP News Vol. 1, No. 1, Feb 11, 2008

Hi All,

What a great start to the COOP group. Doug and I had a great time yesterday, enjoyed great food, great people, and are really looking forward to participating in this great suburban chicken raising enterprise.

Chickens are in the air (so to speak) as evidenced by the top story on this morning:

Loose Chickens Force School Closure Northeast Philadelphia High School officials closed the school this morning after discovering about 50 chickens roaming the the halls and creating a foul environment for students.

Here is a list of members of COOP (numbers in parens are how many chickens you are getting to the best of my recollection): Ron and Carolyn Denzel (11), Andrew and Kristina Denzel (3), Steve and Sherri Klein (5), Debbie Hoffman and David Levy (3), Laurie Jenkins and Lisa McCurdy (10), Nancy Parsons and Doug Heller (2)

Some notes: Lisa and Laurie have chicken raising books they are happy to lend. Laurie, please email the group and tell them the names of the books.

The website of the company the chickens are being purchased from is FAQ page:

This site also seems nice:

Doug and I are very interested in raising chicks when they first arrive until they're ready to go outside, so if you're unsure about the chicks or don't want to get attached to the wrong ones because we can't tell them apart at first, let us know and we'll be happy to be foster parents.

Lisa and Laurie will put together the order to be delivered around March 22nd or so. Laurie, if you would send out a list of what chickens have been ordered and for whom, that would be nice to have.

Lisa and Laurie will put up the money for the chicks and we will reimburse them when the chicks are picked up. If you need other supplies, you should coordinate with Ron, who will be putting together a supply list.

It was decided that chicks would get both vaccinations.

We should plan another meeting. It will be at Doug and Nancy's house. Possible dates are Sunday, March 9th (2 weeks bc) or March 16th (1 week bc). I think the 9th is better as it will still give people time for last-minute preparations. Please let me know what dates are best.

Thanks again to Ron and Carolyn for their wonderful hospitality, food and wine.

– Nancy unofficial communications coordinator COOP (chicken owners outside Philadelphia) And remember — chicks are like little mini chickens :)