COOP (Chicken Owners Outside Philadelphia)
COOP (Chicken Owners Outside Philadelphia)

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COOP News, Vol 1 No 3, Feb 24, 2008

Hello Fellow Coopers,

CHICKS ON PARADE Well, the chicks have been ordered! Laurie spent a long time on the phone with the order taker at McMurray's and she was able to get all 43 chicks ordered. They have an elaborate computer program that takes the order and calculates inventory, laying schedules, etc. and were able to fulfill all our requests.

Because of the variety of the order, the chicks won't be delivered (no pun intended) until May 4. Although this is much later than we had discussed, there are several advantages. One, the weather will be warmer so the chicks should have a better environment for being shipped, and they will be able to be moved to their outdoor coops around the second week of June (exactly when Lisa and Laurie put their chicks out last year). Also, it will give people more time to work on their coops.

COOP COODOS to Laurie — the order taker at McMurray's revealed that they will LABEL the chicks, so we won't have to struggle figuring out what chick belongs to which family. They do it for free but don't advertise because it takes a lot of work.

Thanks to Laurie for all her effort. ~3:>

NEXT MEETING After much back and forth, the next meeting will be at Doug and Nancy's on SUNDAY March 16. Kristina — can you make an afternoon meeting or should we plan for after 5p?

FEED I've started to think about chick feed, etc. and would like to hear from others about what kind of feed they are interested in using (organic or not) and whether we should try to find a local outlet for the feed and go in on a batch. Feed is generally sold in 50 pound bags. Lisa & Laurie's 7 chicks last year did not go through 50 pounds in the first five weeks they fed it to them.

I called Agway in Dublin PA (a bit above Doylestown on 313) and they carry organic feed for Layers but not for chicks. Here's their address: Dublin Agway 10 North Route 313 Dublin, Pa, 18917 215-249-3117

Going by what Lisa & Laurie did last year: 0-5 weeks — Organic Starter and Quik Chik (for the first month) 5-10 weeks — Organic Finisher 10+ weeks — Organic Layer Complete feed

Laurie has also ordered a packet of Grow Gel to be delivered with the chicks — it's given to them when they arrive and is enough for all the chicks. It provides immediate nutrition, hydration and digestive micro-organisms to get them off to a healthy start (mm-mm good).

Let's talk about this at the meeting.

That's all for now. Have a great week everyone.

3:> Nancy