COOP (Chicken Owners Outside Philadelphia)
COOP (Chicken Owners Outside Philadelphia)

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Coop News V. 2 No. 2, June 3, 2008

Hi All COOPers and potential COOPers,

Just a note to remind you all that our next meeting is Saturday June 14 at 5pm at Debbie and Dave's house in Fort Washington.

Debbie is going to be sending out an email looking for RSVPs and to find out who is bringing what. She is making shish-kabobs. Yum! Debbie — be sure to send your address again.


Ron is going out to Lancaster next week to buy organic layer pellets for the chickens at Pennypack Farm and also for anyone else who needs it. Personally, I have gone through all my chick mash (they waste so much of it) and bought a bag of grower pellets through a contact of Andrea's in Roxborough. However, at $27 a bag, I'd much rather go with the layer food from Lancaster (about $11 a bag).

Please contact Ron if you want food. He thinks it's fine to finish up the chick mash and go right to layer food.


Although Carolyn denies it, Debbie and Dave and I think Ron has a rooster. It was the only straight run in the bunch we got and the odds seem to have fallen on R instead of H. If anyone wants to have a rooster he is going to be GORGEOUS. He's a blue laced red wyandotte and he is blue and bronze and amazing (picture of full-grown one attached). We're hoping a) he's a she and b) he doesn't crow a lot so Ron can keep him.

We hope to see everyone especially new folks at D&D's on the 14th.