COOP (Chicken Owners Outside Philadelphia)
COOP (Chicken Owners Outside Philadelphia)

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COOP News Vol. 3, No. 1, October 3, 2008

Hello Fellow COOP Members -

I don't think anyone has been paying attention, but I have been incrementing "Volumes" of COOP News with Chicken Milestones. V. 1 is all pre-delivery of the 46 chicks the 7 original COOP families received on May 1. V. 2 is all pre-egg chick news, so now we're on to V. 3!


So far, of the original 46 chicks, there are two hens laying — Frigga, Doug and my white leghorn started laying on September 6. Today she laid her 15th egg.

Lisa and Laurie also have two white leghorns, and one of them (Dixie? Daisy?) laid her first egg on Thursday the 25th. Yay!

Other COOP members with new chicks this spring are also getting eggs. All of Melinda and Ross's four hens are laying as is Amy Wallwork's black Australorp. They are all bigger hens and all started in the 22-25 week range (the original COOP chicks will be 22 weeks this Friday). Any others out there that we don't know about?


Laurie has been doing a lot of reading up on molting and brooding, as their 1 year-old hens have been at that all summer. I'm hoping she'll write a piece for the website and newsletter about this because it is very interesting. I think the gist is that hens that are raised with a natural light cycle (i.e. no light in the coop during the winter, etc.) will tend to molt about once a year in the fall. Egg production will stop or greatly decrease while they go through this and they lose their feathers in a specific order (head first but then I'm not sure). Hopefully we'll hear more from Laurie on that subject.


Juno, our brown leghorn has been flying over our 8+ foot fence every late afternoon around 4:30 because she thinks it's time for everyone to be out roaming around the yard. This was okay with us (although we weren't too thrilled) because she would then stay right around the fence until we came out and let everyone else out. However, the other day I did notice she had some blood on her foot and so it may be possible she cut it trying to get over. Doug and I are going away next weekend so today we clipped her primary flight feathers in hopes that will take just enough off her lift-off and she'll no longer be able to get over the fence.


  • Barb and Joe Mellon and their two sons Ben and Alex have built a coop and are getting pullets from Moyers sometime soon.
  • Sherry Moman lives in Wyndmoor and has 4 Rhode Island Reds she got as pullets this spring from a farm in Kintnersville


Susan and Dick Von Medicus are hosting the next COOP meeting on Sunday, October 12 at 2pm (note the earlier time). Pot luck as usual. A few new things to note:

They live at 700 Montgomery Ave, Fort Washington PA 19034
Phone: 215-646-3424
Please RSVP Susan at

At the meeting:

HOME TO ROOST AUTHOR, BOB SHEASLEY — Bob and his wife Suzanne will be at the meeting and will sign copies of his book "Home to Roost"

CHICKEN BOOK TABLE — bring other chicken books that you have found interesting and informative to share or show

EGG SWAP — I'm hoping our girls will be laying by then (they better be!) and would love to see a sample of everyone else's eggs if you want to bring some to trade

Hope to see you all in October!

~3:> Nancy