COOP (Chicken Owners Outside Philadelphia)
COOP (Chicken Owners Outside Philadelphia)

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Rent-a-Chick Program

  • Learn homestead farming
  • Create wonderful memories this spring
  • Rent a pair of baby chicks for two or four weeks
  • Introduce children to caring for a live animal without a longterm commitment

What you get

  • Two baby chicks ($50.00 for two weeks or $80.00 for four weeks)
  • A plastic tub to house them in
  • Shavings
  • Feeder and feed
  • Waterer
  • Brooder lamp
  • Chick raising instructions
  • Last but not least: Everyone renting chicks must attend Chick School

What is Chick School?

Chick School is a 15-20 minute session on how to raise a chick properly and have fun doing it! Chick school will be held just before handing out baby chicks. Certifi cates for completing the course will also be handed out.


For more information or to reserve your chicks today, contact Jesse at 215-565-6422 after 5:00 pm or email

Chicks will be available for pickup April 23 at 4:00 pm at the Primex Garden Center parking lot on West Glenside Ave. in Glenside, PA. Delivery is possible for an additional fee.

Chicks are available in limited quantities.

Reserve yours today!

Coming Soon!

Laying hen rental program.

Everich Farms
Jesse Howe
PO Box 31
Cedars, PA 19423

See Flier [pdf]

Note that Everich Farms is not affiliated with COOP.